July 23rd, 2000



Blythe and I watched Armageddon, played Scrabble, went shopping, then watched The Matrix with my dad. Exciting night, no? Tomorrow we'll do something more creative than watch movies I hope. Suggestions?

Day In Review

Went to the Rose Garden ... traffic everywhere sucked. Came back, went to a Park & Ride in hopes to catch the light-rail going downtown, but got pissed off when the machine didn't take my my money: "this is a cash or coin only terminal" it said after inserting my credit card ... but it didn't take my $20, and I didn't have enough coins. so screw that ... we came back, made lunch, hung out, played yard darts, blah blah blah .... just messin' around. jumped on the trampoline some. probably going to watch Princess Bride later on DVD ... just got it.