July 24th, 2000


Busy day?

Awoke up about 9. Blythe and I ate. She's taking a shower now, then taking off back to Seattle. I need to clean my room, make some phone calls, and clean my room. I have a doctor's appointment at 4:00p.

Blythe gone.

Blythe's gone now. It was nice having her here, but everytime I go on vacation (which includes her coming here), I get way behind. Today's catch-up day.


Heh, this is cool: the new portal StartDog.com now has built-in support for LiveJournal ... your customizable start page lets you update your LiveJournal and see your friends' recent posts as well. Very sexy.

In other news, I just got paid from FreeVote.com (but it's less fun when you have to do the accounting too) and I'm cleaning my room. Fun.

Princess Bride

UPS just came and delivered a second copy of Princess Bride on DVD. Turns out two people had ended up buying it for me before it was released, so now both just showed up. Great movie, but with DVD more than anything it isn't necessary to have two copies, so I think I'm going to sell the new one. Nick --- you interested in buying it? Not only is it still shrink wrapped, it's still gift wrapped!


was starting to build the new livejournal server. going out to dinner now. going running later.
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I went running with Mike and Nick earlier and I just got around to taking a shower. When I returned to my computers, I see this open in notepad:
    This is GOD! Mend your ways! Honor thy father and thy mother! Keep your pecker in your pants! Repent! Repent!
    - God
Seriously, I have my Linux box right beside my Win2k box --- is the all-knowing, all-powerful GOD too stupid to use emacs or vi? He has to resort to notepad?? I must now question my religion.

In other news, our home network is now sitting behind a Linksys Cable/DSL router with 4 10/100 switched ports (and hubs connected to hubs). The good part is now that box does the NAT, and now my parents can reboot the Win98 machine upstairs as much as they damn well please without killing all my login sessions.


Fast machine

I'm setting up the new LiveJournal server --- damn it's fast. Dual Pentium III-550, with 512 MB of ram. Using the installation log I made last time I set everything up, this time around it's going smooth ... just copy/pasting commands I did last time. (except this time building stuff is incredible zippy...)
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