July 27th, 2000


Hah hah!!

The Chasing Amy war stories scene is an copy of the Jaws war stories scene! I'd never noticed that .... hah .. frickin' cool.

stomach... hurts...

i'm not sure if i'm hungry or my stomach's just really in pain. i mean, i know it's in pain, but it may not be because of lack of food. in fact, food doesn't sound too good right now. maybe this is my body telling me to sleep.

bah, fuck it. i have some work to do.
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Slashdot is cool

Check out this post from a moron user, and the clever user's reply:
    The majority of net users do not conduct DDoS attacks. Therefore, there is no need for an anti-DoS ICMP.

    The majority of citizens do not commit murders. Therefore there is no need for a police homicide unit.

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FreeVote users

Gotta love the 13 year-olds that use FreeVote.com:
    why i already visibled the item that they voted but it was not show in the booth...?
That was the entire email. The subject was "??". I'm as confused as you are. I'm going to bed.

FreeVote bizdev

Now that I moved my servers around, I haven't yet setup my procmail filters to send all my freevote.com emails to the tech support database, so instead they're showing up in my mailbox. I didn't realize how much bizdev stuff I get.... my god. Some of this looks interesting, but it's hard to sort the scams from the good stuff.

Oh yeah, I'm awake now.

Lost Combo

My mom's been losing keys and passwords left and right lately. The last one she forgot was the combination for our key box outside. It's a 4 digit (0-9) code, where order doesn't matter---- 4 keys press in, then you pull down a switch to test it. My mom is offering Cole $10 if he can figure out the code, thinking it next to impossible. Remembering my statistics, I realized it wasn't really that hard at all: there are only 210 possibilities. Nine lines of Perl later, I emailed Cole a list of possible combos and he's out there now in a lawn chair trying them all. I wanted $5 for my effort, but he's a stingy bastard.

foreach $a (0..9) {
  foreach $b (grep { $_ != $a } (0..9)) {
    foreach $c (grep { $_ != $a && $_ != $b } (0..9)) {
      foreach $d (grep { $_ != $a && $_ != $b && $_ != $c } (0..9)) {
        my $sorted = join(", ", sort { $a <=> $b } ($a,  $b, $c, $d));
        unless ($used{$sorted}++) {
        print "$sorted\n";
} } } } }
Well, that's 8 if you don't count the #!/usr/bin/perl.

Update! My brother found it! He just came and gave me a dollar. Woohoo! Time to quit my day job! (wait ... I don't have a day job...)


make menuconfig

I'm watching a tech at Virtualis rebuild my kernel on my personal/friends/family web/email server. I guess the module to do the ip aliasing wasn't installed, and now ifconfig keeps bitching about an unknown device (eth:1). I'm decommissioning my old box, but I need to retain its IP for my DNS server. My primary nameserver was on that box, and all will go to hell if I can't get the new box binding to that old IP.

kick ass

all services, accounts, settings, and interfaces from the old server have now been successfully moved onto my new personal server. goodbye, old crappy freebsd 2.2.6 box!

Whitaker on Linux

I finally got whitaker to install Linux. He's loving it. He's also a redneck, so I thought this music was appropriate. Correction: Reportedly, Whitaker is not a redneck.
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time to get out...

been working on computer crap all day. haven't even taken a shower yet or put on a shirt yet. (yes, Blythe, I'm a bum.) it's time to get out: I'm going to put some clothes on and go on a bike ride.
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(no subject)

I took a shower after biking. There's water in my left ear that won't get out. Think I might start a movie.
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