July 30th, 2000



Nick, Mike and I are going running pretty soon here. I'm ready to go ... need to do something: too much energy right now. Maybe I'll go jump on the trampoline for awhile.
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Good run

Back from running .... we went to Nature Park, where we started running two weeks ago when I sucked so much. The "two week rule" is so true: it takes two weeks to feel the effects of starting to run again. Today my running just kicked ass ... we started off the run really fast and just kept it up the whole way. We didn't stretch for quite some time, whereby normally we stretch the first time we get tired. Also, I didn't have to stop and rest any time either. When we finished, I felt just fine, like I could do it again (although probably slower). Now, sitting at home, I'm breathing normally and feel great ... two weeks ago at this time I was dead for hours after the run. Needless to say, I feel great.
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Music == Moods ?

Evan liked this idea of mine, so I thought I'd share:

interesting data collection experiment:
1) first, get/create a database mapping mp3 artist 
   names to a set of genres
2) see if there's a positive correlation between moods 
   and music genres
That'd be fun.
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