July 31st, 2000



I'm all alone in the house tonight .... parents and Cole are still at the beach, and Ryan is at a friend's house. Normally I would be thrilled to be home alone, but there's something eerie about the house tonight: lighting is weird, some windows are open and there's a sporadic breeze coming through, something in the garage is whistling/ringing (some part is going bad in the fridge/freezer (?))

I'm gonna be spooked all night if I don't go walk around the house now and turn on some lights, close some windows, and put on a movie or something ...
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Woke up at 1:30 pm. (went to bed at 5:00 am). Cleaning up my inbox, then I'm going to go make some food.
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Go Navy!

I'm readying the MySQL mailing list (the database that LiveJournal uses), and I read this post from somebody in the US military:
    I have existing code in COBOL on a Unix platform. I also have MySQL set up on the same machine. We would like to convert the antiquated Database to MySQL, but maintain the existing COBOL code. I can make shell calls from within COBOL, but I would prefer to remain in the program. Is there a good way to communicate with MySQL from COBOL. Any suggestions or examples would be appreciated. Even if the example is in another language, as long as no special drivers for that language had to be installed, it should work for me.

    Jim Powell
    AV8B Weapons Integration
    EER Systems, Inc

Doesn't that just make you feel warm and cozy that our military is still using/maintaining COBOL code? Have you ever tried to write something in COBOL? My god ... I know over a dozen languages, but when I tried to learn COBOL I just wanted to vomit.


Going running now with Mike and Nick. We're starting at Mike's house then doing a big loop... kinda sounds like a boring run, but oh well.

Good Run!!

Back from running. Turned out to be a very cool run .... Nick even complemented Mike and me on our improvement from last time we did a similar run. Today's run was pretty damn long, but I didn't have to walk or rest once. I feel fricking great now, but my stomach's kinda hurting.
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took a shower, dried off, and put on a shirt for the first time today. (well, except for running) my cousins are watching Baseketball. Hehehe.
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