August 3rd, 2000



I now have Windows 2000 Service Pack 1. Aren't I friggin' special? It only had to replace every single system file in existence .... must have been pretty buggy. :-) I now seek out a Win2K ChangeLog. I want to know what SP1 all fixed. Is that something that Microsoft even publishes?

Update: Yup. page 1, page 2, and page 3. oh my.

"most come back for more"

got a bunch of programming done. the livejournal directory search kicks ass now. all i need to do tomorrow is make it look pretty, then i'll release it.
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mac and cheese

I was all proud of myself because I made macaroni and cheese (what a cook!) but after about eating 3/4 of it, I'm sick. Mac and cheese isn't really that good. :-(


my credit card was denied ordering train tickets on the phone. wtf? i feel like will smith in enemy of the state ... they're cancelling my credit cards! no!!


the fucking credit union's phone system keeps hanging up on me right when i'm in the middle of talking to a representative ..... "my call is important to them, please stay on the line and my call will be answered in the order it is received" my ass. goddamnit! i have better things to do.
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The credit union is saying that they do have a record of Amtrak trying to charge the account, but it was approved, not denied. So now I get to bitch at Amtrak.

Got it

5 amtrak phone calls and 3 credit union phone calls later, I have my damn ticket. From now on I keep all my money under my mattress in a shoebox.