August 5th, 2000


I shall shop.

Today's been good. Blythe and I woke up at 11:20, an hour or so later than we set the alarm for. Seems I turned the alarm off when it went off (don't remember that though). Faith was moving at 11:00 so we went over and helped. Bunch of people ended up going and she bought us all pizza afterwards. That was fun. Blythe and I are going to go shopping now.... Heather (owner of 27 pairs of shoes) made fun of my sandals with the two cracked soles that go right through to my feet. Thing I'll get some Birkenstocks. Also need some good Oakleys ... my sunglasses situation is pretty pathetic: they're all fake, broken, retarded looking, and/or look terrible when you look through them. I don't think I've paid more than $10 for any sunglasses in my life. My best pair were some old Oakley frogskins I got for Christmas. It's time to spend some money on some good sunglasses. Oh yes ... that is my goal for the day. Blythe and I are going to go to Costco. Maybe I'll get some DVDs too. Virtualis owes me a shitload of money from their reseller program that they haven't paid me since February because their billing system got messed up. I guess they just discovered they owe a bunch of people over $30,000. A sizable chunk of that is mine. Want money. Want to buy things. Anyway, I'm outta here.... nice day out, things to do.

Consumerism & 20.5.

Today's a great day. Amazing what sleep does for both the body and spirit one's mood.

Blythe and I went to Costco and I bought stuff... Birkenstocks, new pillows (very comfy), and 4 DVDs: Boiler Room, Entrapment, My Cousin Vinny, and The Beach. We then went to U Village and I was going to buy some sunglasses at Sunglass Hut but they all sucked (felt cheap and plastic, and the lenses were terrible) and at $140, screw it ... I'll find some good glasses before I pay $140 for them. I thought they were going to be like $70 or $80 ... $140 seems kinda ridiculous for something I'm invariably going to lose/destroy in a few months time. Anyone have recommendations on cool sunglasses?

After Costco we went to Golden Gardens and hung out for awhile, looking for Adam who was supposedly there somewhere breathing fire. Didn't find him, but did enjoy the park ... very beautiful. Perfect party/bbq/swimming/frisbee place ... can't believe I'd never heard about it before. I'm going to be there every weekend come September when I'm here for good.

OTHER BIG NEWS!! Today is my half birthday ... normally that isn't special, but today's my 20.5 half birthday ... 6 more months until I can legally buy & drink alcohol in the United States. Woo-hoo. :)