August 8th, 2000



think i'm going to sleep now. big day of rearranging/cleaning livejournal code tomorrow. i started tonight, but the things I'm preparing to do I wouldn't dare do now without being fully awake.


Challenge! To anybody that is bored: figure out if I can play DVDs on my computer.... I used to be able to, but after upgrading to Windows 2000 (which I love ... it doesn't crash), I can no longer watch movies. System specs are
  • Windows 2000
  • Pioneer DVD-ROM DVD-104
  • 3dfx Voodoo3 3500 TV AGP
Go forth! Find me drivers! :-P

My goal is to get this machine playing DVDs so when I move in to my new house, I can put my entertainment system out in the main room and have more space in my bedroom.

(of course --- a better challenge would be to figure out how to play DVDs on my Linux box ... I have an old Creative dxr2 in there ....)


Back from running ---- Mike, Nick, and I did the Nike campus today. Nick was checking out all these other women, Paula ... it was terrible. When we were done we're all sitting in the car sweating our ass off wanting Nick to take off so we can stick our heads out the window and cool off but Nope ... Nick has to sit in the parking lot and watch all these women walking around. I'd give him a good talking to. Nobody wanted to suck his dick on the trail like last time, though .... that's good.


Back from bowling ... had a lot of fun. One game Nick and I got 210 playing together ... he'd roll the first ball and I'd pick up what he missed. He got 7 strikes ... I only had to roll 4 times for him, 3 of which I picked up. Lost a dollar the first game .... Nick and I won a dollar each the second game. No betting the last game.