August 9th, 2000

Trippy, tired, Tired


going to bed. maybe i'll wake up early and be productive tomorrow. my room's a mess .... can't even walk around in it. perhaps i'll clean it.
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I've made a list of DVDs which I need to get sometime:

labyrinth, spaceballs, outbreak, backdraft, undersiege, hunt for red october, goodfellas, reality bites, naked gun (1, 2, 3), Aug 29: Braveheart, Oct 24: American Beauty

What other good stuff just came out or is coming out soon? I don't follow the DVD news like I used to.

sleep, take 2.

i'm going to try and sleep again now because @home (my cable internet connection) has slowed to intolerable speeds. i did accomplish a few things, though: my inbox page now shows mail from the correct mail server (and I published the source), I cleaned a bunch of LJ code, and I added some dumb functionality to the userinfo page: a little thumbs-up icon next to paid-account users' user names. also, you can lookup users by their userid number now .... like, who was LiveJournal user 10,000? ... oh, look ... it's Gothic Chic. How nice.


awake .... family is all gone: brother at work, ryan cole/mom at the beach, dad in california. Party!! heheh ... naah, probably just end up programming or something. need to clean my room still. hungry ... think i'll go eat.

Update: thanks to Nick for reminding me who my immediate family is. I don't come out of my room very often.

No running

Not going running today. My neighbor calls me a few times a week asking me to go mountain biking with him and I'm always not around or busy .... this time I told him I'd go again. Last time I sucked ... that was before I was running, and I didn't take my Claratin. This time I hope I do better.

Nick, Mike --- you're more than welcome to come along. It's a helluva workout.
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I made iced tea. I didn't know what a quart was .... so I looked it up... 2 pints. wtf is a pint? I know gallons (because of milk and gas) and cups, that's it. I eventually figured it all out, but I hate the U.S. measurement system even more now. But I now know that a gallon is 16 cups! Go me. I should move to Europe.
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cooked a pizza. ate some of it. full. back to programming ... rewriting/reorganizing/cleaning a bunch of the most central livejournal code... dealing with a bunch of the caching layers ... have to be really careful making sure cache is always correct and fast. found a bunch of stupid minor bugs in the current code. when i'm done with the new code it'll be signifigantly smaller.

brandon's here .. time to go bike riding.


back from mountain biking. nick went along too ...... he absolutely died, worse than I did last time I think. he blames it on his fear of sharp pointy rocks. i kinda agree ... it's not the most relaxing of sports. watching my neighbor brandon and his friends, i'm impressed half these hard core mountain bikers aren't dead already.
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movie time?

I think it's movie time... been working on LiveJournal all day and just made the new code go live and it seems to work.
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