August 14th, 2000



Back from the movie, it was good. Pretty damn funny.

Cole's still sleeping in my room because relatives are still here. They all leave tomorrow for the beach for 3 days .... I'll then have some silence.

Ryan's been mackin' on the unrelated 18-year-old midwestern girl Mandy that's staying with us.

Think I'll program now.


i'm dead. going to sleep now. ryan's still up mackin'. everybody'll be gone tomorrow, so I'll get to sleep in until 1pm and program until 3am like it's supposed to be.
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Relatives are all awake yelling, taking showers, and playing with loud clicky toys (which I just went and stole and hid... heheheh). Frickin' woke me up. That's a crime punishable by death in 27 states. They're on the way to the beach ...... can't wait.

Context switching

I think I would get much more done if I worked on one thing until I finished it instead of changing tasks every half hour. :-/
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fun with ssh

ssh for windows rules, notably the file manager. very cool. wish it were free, though. :-/

also, I had to upgrade from sshd1 to sshd2 ... wasn't too painful though... configure && make && killall sshd && sshd2.

Great day

It's a great day --- I have the house to myself, I'm sitting around in my boxers, I just made a sandwich and am drinking some Snapple, and I'm working on the new LiveJournal support system (which should be out tonight or earlier).


I've been on business calls all frickin' day. Business people are so fake and corny. It makes me sick. Business stuff is also intentionally confusing .... people write contracts on purpose to confuse the hell out of you so you only read the good parts and walk away happy. Good lawyers are worth the expense!

LiveJournal support system is coming along nicely. I'd have got more work done on it (and perhaps finished) if I wasn't on the phone all day.

Julie might come over for a movie and delivered pizza or chinese food later.

good movie, good company

Dan just left ... we watched Crimson Tide. Pretty good movie ... I hadn't seen it in years and don't remember following it that closely when I did. Dan's a good guy to watch movies with ... together we can make fun of anything. Heheh.

Back to programming. LJ support system is about done.