August 18th, 2000



My parents and aunt/uncle got back from gambling. My dad won a thousand nickles.... he was pretty excited.

I worked on LiveJournal a bit... you can now choose to only let your friends reply to your journal. (damn trolls)

I updated my wish list since people (including me) had bought me everything that was on it. Many thanks if you were one of them! :-)

"Let's get the fuck out of here!!!"

Listening to Army of Darkness music (in the dark, no less) and programming. Working on a new version of the win32 LJ client which addresses some usability issues, namely the lack of keyboard accelerators in the history item dialog. However, I'm also fixing the look/feel of some of the other more confusing dialogs. And I should prevent multiple instances of the application from being open at once.
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Pissed off

I'm so stressed and pissed off right now. FreeVote went down yesterday, LiveJournal went down today ... both had been up for weeks and weeks before that... hardware problems? I can't fucking tell. But both times I had to fight with my host to get them to go reboot the machines .... I'm fucking sick of being a sysadmin. I'm fucking sick of not being able to just take off for fun somewhere and not worry about my servers. I'm fucking sick of websites and maintaining them. I need a damn staff ... I need some damn money ... a LOT of it.

I'm getting out of this house .... Nick and I are going to go eat.
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