August 23rd, 2000


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working on livejournal. opened my doors ... got some air flowing through this room ... it was getting warm and musty. kinda cold now ... wrapped up in a blanket.

oh yeah, microsoft FTP servers suck. i had to download a shitload of files from some dude running an NT server and he put them all up on his FTP server, which has whack directory listings that no unix program seems to be able to parse, so I couldn't do a recursive get on them all. so I wrote my own. perl rules.


i shall sleep now. people better not wake me up in the morning like they did yesterday ... that put me in a grumpy mood all day I think.

tomorrow's agenda: LJ, get some boxes, pack, laundry, clean room. (those last 4 kinda all go together)

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Awake. My mom obviously didn't read my journal last night --- she came and woke me up, for something stupid too ... a phone message from the other day. Great. 9 days until I move back to Seattle.

oh yeah, livejournal.

haven't updated all day. let's see here, what'd i do today?
  • drank many iced teas.
  • programmed a bunch of livejournal stuff.
  • dealt with a bunch of freevote & livejournal business crap.
  • went to the grocery store and picked up a bunch of produce boxes so I can start packing. 8 days, 2 hours until Seattle!
  • did my laundry. i'd forgot I wrapped up my wet, muddy shoes in my wet, muddy jeans wrapped up in a dry, dirty t-shirt and thrown it on the floor. i think it was starting to mold. it smelled very bad.
that is all.
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