August 24th, 2000


Boogy Man

My 11-year-old brother and a bunch of his friends are having a camp out in our backyard tonight. I just went out and there and scared the shit out of them. My mom had to go out back there and spoil the fun and tell them it was me... so I snuck out there and worked my magic again just after she was walking in, them thinking I was already inside. So they're spooked again. Heheh. I win. My mom forbade me from going out again ... oh well, I had my fun. Er, I itch now from crawling around in the grass and barkdust.
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    Presidents - Kitty

mozilla's big

[bradfitz@papag mozilla]$ time make
real	94m32.309s
user	80m32.910s
sys	2m52.960s

i'm been cvs updateing the mozilla tree a few times a day lately and building it.

i was going to implement the gopher:// protocol in it, so I started looking around at other protocols ... found a bug in a stream converter ... tried to fix it. got confused.

mozilla's big. i want to help, but it's hard to jump in ... there needs to be developer documentation for every class discussing overall methodology and semantics.


sleepy time

i got side-tracked cleaning my room and I branched off onto two new projects (to be unveiled in a few days perhaps) as well as a little LJ bug fixes related to the topic directory. one of my desk drawers is clean now, and i have a big pile of shit i'm throwing away. i found so much cool old stuff ... i scanned 5 or 6 full scanner-beds worth of stuff.

i'm going to bed now ... locked my doors, turned off my ringers, turned off the intercom, turned off my computer (mail alert) speaker ... time to get some sleep. if i'm not up my noon, don't come looking for me.


Awake ... naturally (nobody waking me up) ... feeling great. Today's agenda: go get some more boxes from Thriftway and continue packing.