August 25th, 2000



Some moron user is trying to update their LiveJournal with Microsoft Frontpage... I'm tailing the error log and am seeing "File does not exist" errors for a bunch of the URLs that Frontpage uses ... _vti_inf.html ... shtml.exe/_vti_rpc .... heheheh. That's the funniest damn thing I've seen in a awhile. Made my night. :-)

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going running. (sorry nick .... i'm bored and have energy to use)
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i should work for microsoft

when you save a picture in IE, it defaults to setting the directory to <My Documents>\My Picutures .... okay, so that's kinda cool I guess... it forces people to organize their shit ... too many damn people just throw everything in one folder (often the root ... C:\ .. or their desktop). But what if ... <grin> ... what if that was taken one step further and it recognized that everytime I download a tarball (.tar.gz files) I always save it to \\papag\bradfitz\shit\ ? It should figure that out and default to that directory.

no nick

nick left. we watched caddyshack on dvd and played two games of yard darts in the backyard with the deck lights on ... both games were close. i won the first, he won the second.