August 26th, 2000


Water go everywhere

Excitement for the afternoon: the city water main at the end of our driveway exploded underneith the asphalt and tons of water is flowing up through the driveway, up above and a huge rushing river down the hill ... they're sending in a crew to fix it. My parents aren't home, so I get stuck dealing with it. Some of my neighbors were out there too ... you wouldn't believe how dumb this one bitch out there was. We're checking the water meters and she's like, "maybe you should wait for the water people to get here ... that could fly up with water and you could get hit in the head with the lid." And this neighbor guy and I were talking about something and she interrupts, "culvert? is that like a pipe or something?" *sigh*

I moved my car to Nick's house so I'm not trapped here while they tear up our driveway. He's packing but then we're gonna go get some Wendy's. My mom's been bugging me to go out to the beach tonight. It's my dad's birthday tomorrow and they all got wet suits and boogey (sp?) boards. Not sure I want to make that drive though. Maybe tonight when I'm bored.


time to go hunting and bring back some food for the village... (yes, i'd like a number 7, biggie-sized with a dr. pepper...)

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The water main's still flowing outside .... 5 hours later. Go water company! I asked the guy sitting down there what was up and he said everybody's gone hunting this weekend, so nobody's around to fix it. So they're going to let it run overnight. Great. His only concern is that it's pulling away all the rocks underneith our driveway and the thing's going to cave in when a car drives over it in the morning, so he's going around to all the houses and telling them to be careful driving over it. Great.

I'm going to the beach, I guess. Couldn't get in touch with anybody to go with me, though. Nick's leaving tomorrow, Julie's at some concert, Mike and Garrett are unreachable.... Kinda sucks.