August 28th, 2000



Been working all night on LiveJournal stuff.... I was going to announce some stuff but I'll wait until it's all done.

I should go to bed now since I have a busy day tomorrow sitting on the phone and running errands... call all the utilities for our new house and get the billing switched over to us, call stupid virtualis and bitch at them for not sending out their money on time (their ad departmart does ads on, go to costco and get a table, pack some more crap.

.... all that on top of sleeping until 2pm. it's going to be tight. better fall asleep soon.


can't sleep.
think i'll just stay up all night tonight so i'm tired tomorrow night.
i'm going to read a book that I started yesterday.
this way i'll still be awake when the business world opens up tomorrow and i'll be nice and grouchy when it comes time to bitch out virtualis.


He glanced at Edie, who made no effort to cover her breasts or anything else. She eyed Snapper in a dark poisonous way.

He said, "That's how you goin' to Denny's? Fine by me. Maybe we'll get a free pie."

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did most my phone errands ... i think it's funny business are running before 9am. i'm just about ready to go to bed now. might read a little more first.


took a shower. going to bed. i don't feel well.... the body gets pissed off when it's deprived of sleep.


my back still hurts, 2 weeks from when it started. i can put on shorts and put my right leg in, but standing and leaning over and putting my left leg in is painful. i need to call my chiropractor.