August 30th, 2000


packed. almost.

the van's pretty much loaded with all my crap, including my computers. not quite sure why i'm bring them though --- it'll be awhile until i get dsl service up there. but i guess i need them up there for when they do install it.

not everything fit in the car ... notably missing are my speakers, subwoofer, TV, receiver, DVD player, VCR, file cabinet, and dresser. also the kitchen table i'm bringing up. but i did get my 187 dvds in the car... that'll be useful for the few days that I don't even have a DVD player.

my landlord appointment is tomorrow at 8:30 pm, where I get the keys. I can move in the following morning, once the existing tennants are gone (or supposed to be gone).

not sure what I'm going to do tonight ... nobody's around, movies in theaters all suck, my DVDs are packed and inaccessible, computers are packed... hrm.

don't bother replying to this... i won't read it for days. i can't even hit my webservers or anything in virtualis' network because @home isn't broadcasting routes to their network correct, or so Virtualis tells me. fuck @home, fuck virtualis, fuck the internet... i'm sick of stuff not working. i should go to the jungle and live with monkeys like anthony hopkins ... that'd be fun. heh.