September 5th, 2000


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Today in review: woke up, called Qwest ... DSL won't be in until the 18th. they have to do a line test. "But the tennants before us already had DSL on this line and had the same speed we're ordering ... plus we already have the modem and the filter." "Sir, you have to wait until the 18th." Well fuck that. So now I'm hanging out in the computer lab on campus with their slower than snot Windows 2000 computers with roaming profiles that take 10+ minutes to login. After DSL stuff, Dana and I went to have lunch with Erik downtown ... had some Thai food (finally!) ... hmm.. Chicken Pud Thai... so good. After that Dana and I went to Costco to buy house stuff.

Now for important stuff... PARTY!! Spread the word!


I hate the damn computer lab. And do you know what I hate even more? Groups of five or six people sitting around talking really loud instead of working ... and do you know what I hate even more? That they're talking in Chinese and I can't understand it.

GRRRRR!! I'm about ready to rip somebody's head off. No Internet access at my house, and I have to put up with this crap here in the lab. Windows 2000 blows (I want my Linux box!), the printers blow, the keyboards blow, the monitors are small and covered in fingerprints, and I'm cold. I need to bring my headphones and CDs tomorrow so I can block out the talkers.

Damnit damnit damnit .... even if I owned a modem at home, I'd still need a phone line in the basement and I'd have to recompile my kernel at setup IP Masq on my Linux box. Maybe I'll work on that.

Yay for Dana!

Dana is my new favorite roommate.... her computer has a modem. Erik is second favorite, for giving me a number to UW's modem pool. (Jim gave me a number too but it was wrong. Close, but wrong. :P)

Anyway, I'm now connected at a blazing 45,333 bps. Not quite a 768 kbps DSL line, but better than nothing.

Better, Dana also has Win98 Second Edition which has half-assed IP Masquerading built-in ("Internet Connection Sharing") so I can eventually use her modem connection from the basement, once Erik unlocks his bedroom so I can get one of my hubs out of there.