September 6th, 2000



in the lab ... brought my sweatshirt and headphones today. fighting with livejournal ... i hate doing sysadmin stuff. too stressful. hate sendmail... hate mysql ... hate fastcgi ... livejournal needs so much work.

leaving the lab

think i'm going to go home now... sick of the lab.

i'm really tired for some reason. got a lot of sleep. maybe i'm just bored. think i'll go take a quick power nap at home then go bike to greenlake and run around it, then bike back.


going back home now. think erik's there now, moving in some stuff.

fixed/cleaned a few livejournal things. much more to do tomorrow.

no more internet

dana's going to bed, so the internet is as well.

i installed "internet connection sharing" on her computer but it isn't working, damnit. oh well.

going to go watch "Bound" ... never seen it.