September 7th, 2000


back in the lab

did laundry last night. went running this morning with dana. then took a shower and rode my bike down to the lab, where i am now. i have a meeting at 3:00pm with some people from InterNAP, where I may colocate some servers. i'm going to go tour their data center first and talk to them.


going downtown now for my internap meeting. i'm gonna try and get there early to be safe and just walk around the space needle area to kill time.

InterNAP == badass!!

I just got back from my tour of InterNAP's data center... oh my god! That place is the coolest damn thing I've ever seen.... you have to scan you badge and do place your hand in a palm scanner like 3 times to get into your cabinet in the server room ... and once you're in there all the lights are off and little round lights on the floor guide you to your cabinet, and the lights above your cabinet turn on. Everything's super redudant, the building is zone 3 earthquake compliant, the cabinets are zone 4 compliant (that's one big damn earthquake), and the whole place is built on an 18" raised floor, so they can wire stuff all over... customers can reserve the conference rooms for meetings, there are staging areas and cubicles to work on while you're there, a coffee/snack room .... very damn cool. I need to start looking into what servers I want to buy..... :-)

evening in review

brother and friend arrived.
hooked up new (old) TV.
blythe arrived.
brought my DVD player upstairs. (the living room really needs its own DVD player)
blythe and i watched a little bit of true lies to test the surround sound.
got bored.
brother, friend, blythe and i go to red robin.
blythe and i come back and clean my room (i promise her ice cream for help)
we went to get ice cream ... closed.
see that bartell's is open at 9:55pm ... go buy a shitload of hangers. (i can finally hang my clothes up!)
got a page from user tufchoice that my new comment code on LJ is broken.
i know immediately waiting in checkout line what the bug is.
blythe and i go to the cs lab.
one line fixes the bug.
blythe's hacking on her webpage.
i'm reading mail and working on LJ.
brother and his friend are out somewhere now ... coming back later tonight.
we'll probably take off in a bit.