September 8th, 2000


morning in review

woke up late.
went to big5 and got volleyball poles/net/ball set and croquet set.
went to true value and got 4 stakes and 200 feet of yellow rope to line the 180 foot perimeter of a volleyball court.
back home now in dana's room watching some dumb mtv show.

Blythe, Perl, Eli

Blythe and I came into the computer lab so I can help her with her website ... she's been hacking away on it but is getting annoyed at all the repetitive shit. The solution? Perl. Oh yes. She's going to be a Perl maniac when I'm done with her.

Anyway, Eli just called from I-5 downtown on his new cellphone ... we have to leave now and meet him at the house to let him in. He hasn't been here yet so I need to open the house up for him and give him his key.

eli, neighbors

eli's here... helped him move in.

my neighbor is here too... my mom invited him here to spend the night while he looks for a job. pretty annoying having to babysit him and his friend. (his friend of which wasn't even invited at all... not by myself or my mom.)