September 11th, 2000


morning in review

  • went and got a new deadbolt for my room.
  • went and got my books for this quarter.
  • came home and installed my new deadbolt.
  • rode down to the CS lab.
  • minutes away from killing some geeks in the CS lab that can't shut up and think they're cool and smart because they can say buzzwords really loud and know a little unix.
  • belize

    so nice out

    it's so damn nice outside right now. i just went out a bike ride all over campus and the surrounding areas .... hoku and krissy called me about 3:30 or so when they were walking over to red robin's so I rode over there and joined them ... (red robin's is my weakness.... so good) blythe's getting off work soon and then I think we're going to go to greenlake and rent a little paddle boat or canoe to take out.