September 12th, 2000


morning in review

  • woke up at 10
  • woke dana up at 10:15
  • drove to greenlake at 10:30
  • dana ran one way around the lake, i ran the other way
  • met dana 2/3rds of the way around the lake. dana turned around and ran with me.
  • showered
  • went to the computer lab.
  • hungry.
  • belize


    from the no-i'm-not-copying-slashdot department
    Bunch of interesting things to report: They've been filming a moving on campus the last few days. Wonder what it is. Frat boys waterballooned my car last night driving home. Today somebody cut down all four of the rose bushes in our front yard. They were there this morning. This afternoon they were on their side, cut at the base. Do I have an enemy? Blythe got her studio apartment. She's happy. My mom called me with news that she heard a guy was raped by three other guys downtown this weekend. Nine people have been assaulted in the Belletown area in the past week or so. What's going on?

    codin' time

    working in a little small office overlooking campus today instead of the lab. it's dark, cold, has great speakers, and the refrigerator in here is full of pop. i even brought with me a list of things i want to accomplish tonight. watch out!
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      Nine Inch Nails - Piggy


    made hot chocolate and eating some apple sauce. the CS building has more food in this one room than I have in my whole house.