September 13th, 2000


guess i should go home.

i got a few things done tonight. i feel somewhat accomplished... not a lot, but a little. i wrote up a plan for livejournal.

tomorrow blythe and I are going to Ikea, the chaotic disneyland of furniture stores. blythe needs some stuff for her new studio ... i'm looking for a closet structure, since my room lacks one. if i can't find parking within 3 minutes I swear I'm going to turn around and drive straight back home. i hate that place, but they do have a lot of crap.


lot of things to report...
  • went to Ikea ... got a door mat ($2), a light ($7), some really cool looking silverware ($13) and a "wardrobe" as blythe calls it... I call it a portable closet. that was $100. then we went to homebase and I picked up some stuff for erik and I got a new DVD rack, since my existing one was full with 180 and I have 20 now sitting on top.
  • blythe got a cellphone while we were out! her text messaging costs $0.25 per message because she didn't get the $5/month text messaging plan (she doesn't think she'll get 20 messages per month) so that has made me think I need an arbitrary message displayed to users before they text message you from livejournal. you could say, "yo, this is costing me a quarter so don't send me any lame crap." i had to change my text messaging option back to "Friends only" because too many people were using it for what they should've been using email for.
  • blythe and I put together my "wardrobe" thing... that was fun. then I took started my laundry and took a shower while blythe fell asleep. we're going out tonight for her birthday with her parents and her aunt/uncle. they're all pretty cool ... it should be fun. plus the food should be good ... bepos.. never been there: some italian place.
  • a bunch of people sent in money for paid accounts today. hope this keeps up... might be able to afford some good servers soon.