September 14th, 2000


evening in review

  • went to dinner with blythe and her family. beppos. damn good food.
  • came back and evan, adam, faith, heather, betsy, danny, and leah were over. party. we talked and played board games.
  • blythe and i also setup my new DVD rack. it can hold 240 ... only one could only hold 180. i'm keeping the old one as a bookshelf by my bed until I need it again. mom--- were you still going to make me a base for it so it doesn't tip frontwards?
  • came to the computer lab (now)
  • belize

    night in review

  • came to CS lab, made hot chocolate
  • cleaned my inbox, replying to tons of mail and cleaning up tons of loose ends. inbox has only 14 items now!
  • fixed a LJ bug, added a new console command
  • two more people got paid accounts on LJ today. my target is 4 or 5 per day... that'd be ideal.

    guess i'm going home now. it's late (early). i'll probably come back here tomorrow. have a lot of things to do.
  • belize


    finally awake. how did I get on a messed up schedule again? it's hot upstairs in this house... i'm glad I picked the basement. nice and cool down there.