September 15th, 2000


up late

up late again, at the lab. i can't even remember what I did today.... oh, I went and saw blythe's new place. pretty cool. and today's her birthday. happy birthday, blythe! (and no, I didn't need LiveJournal's auto-happy-birthday reminder to tell me that....)

what am i doing at the lab tonight? tons of livejournal stuff... getting an amazing amount of things done, all business-related... new features, easy ways for people to pay, a pretty new webpage for paid accounts, etc...

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dana woke up at 1pm
went and had lunch with blythe (chicken phad thai.. hmmm...)
in the computer lab now --- 8 paid accounts since last night!!!!
tonight at 7pm all are invited to blythe's birthday party ... meeting at my house, then driving over to golden gardens and having a bonfire.