September 16th, 2000



hung out with patrick and marcuso tonight for blythe's birthday party, which basically consisted of sitting around drinking and later playing darts.

blythe and i are at the computer lab now checking our mail, but blythe's tired and has to wake up early tomorrow, so we're heading back.

val is in the house now (the girl directly above me) and boy is it noisy... i think she's having an ultimate fighting tournament in her bedroom. the floor is thumping non-stop. i do like the basement though.... it's nice and cool when it's roasting upstairs, and i have that door to the outside. very convenient.

i wanted to get some work done on LJ tonight, but guess it'll have to wait for tomorrow.

my oh-so-exciting evening

went home.
cleaned my room a little ... watched a movie.
came back here.

it's so noisy at the house now, with everybody moving in. i liked it when it was just me in the basement and kenji two floors above me upstairs. seemed like a big house then. oh well.

wheelchair drivin'

the CS deparment always has a bunch of wheelchairs laying around. i really never knew why until tonight .... they're great chairs. really quite comfy. plus, they're fun to wheel around. i really suck at it, though. turning is a bitch, and so is getting lined up with things correctly. i'm always going in the opposite direction that I mean to go. my knees are getting banged up from running into other chairs, desks, doorframes, and walls. i guess it wouldn't too bad if i couldn't feel my legs, but i can. then again, i could always walk too, so I should be thankful for that.