September 17th, 2000


time to go home

running out of things to do here (did a bunch of LJ code cleanups and bug fixes tonight), and I've mastered the art of using a wheelchair ... you should see me go. i've almost even mastered the thing where I can spin around with the front wheels off the group, like woody harrelson in "people vs. larry flynt" .... i fell over on my back a few times learning how to do it, but i pretty much rock now. come to think of it, i haven't even left the wheelchair all evening. even when i fell over i pushed myself back up, trying not to use my legs (it was hard).

that is all. i shall go home now.

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drove down greek row to get to the computer lab. all the girls are out dressed up in their house tshirts with tons of balloons screaming and running around and chanting their house name while the frat boys watch from their houses, listening to dre. meanwhile, thousands of seahawks fans are walking across campus (after paying the UW $20 for parking) dressed up in their seahawks jerseys. am i the only one that's dressing individually today?

eating some Maruchan Instant Lunch (500% recommeded daily allowance of sodium, I believe) and drinking some Sprite while I read my mail and program. kinda bored. mike gets here today at 4 or 5ish to help restore the balance of power in the basement. now that megan's moved in it's 1 guy and 1 girl in the basement... too equal, I think. I told mike he has to get here and help me piss on the toilet seat (or just leave it up) and just generally rephrasant.... megan started talking about hanging up beads in the doorway the other day. that scared me. ;-)