September 18th, 2000


while others sleep....

i'm back at the computer lab. my afternoon/evening in review:
  • played 5 sets of tennis with erik. he won them all, but I won two games! give me a few weeks, erik ... i'll get better. some of those games were pretty close. :-P
  • helped mike move in. i'm glad to see him. he's a cool guy. (my old roommate)
  • went to eat at red robin's with mike, his dad, erik, kenji, dana, and dana's two friends from portland.
  • watched Austin Powers 2 with erik.
  • finished my room rearrangement, hooked my computers up (in anticipation of the DSL line which is suppose to get hooked up tomorrow... I doubt it will), and cleaned my room. blythe --- you gotta come over and see it something. you'd be impressed. :-)

    Anyway, now I'm back at the lab. Have some things I want to look up... plus I need to read mail. (always...)
  • belize


    i stayed here way too late. i should go home. i have to be awake to call and bug US West tomorrow and make sure they come hook up our DSL. accomplishments tonight at the lab:
  • did some LJ stuff.
  • read documents on IP subnetting (never knew the details very well)
  • watched mozilla training videos in the background.
  • belize

    Qwest is retarded

    Been up since 8:30 on the phone with Qwest, trying to figure out when our damn DSL will be hooked up.

    Actual bits of conversation from my calls:
    "When were you told your installation would take place?"
    The 18th.
    "Oh, yup... I see that now. Things are schedule for the 20th."

    On schedule??? No, that's two days late. Plus I still don't have my account information which I was supposed to have received. They give me a new phone number to call. This one's for Qwest Internet Service. I press "2" for DSL service information, instead of "1" for dial-up or "3" for ISDN.

    "What's your phone number?"
    "Is that the line your DSL is on or your home line?"
    Um, they're the same.
    "But what's your home phone number? Maybe that'll bring up your customer record."
    That is my home phone number.
    "You need to call new accounts and get a new line for DSL. A dial-up will work with your existing line, but with DSL you need a new line."
    Ma'am, you're confused. That's backwards. DSL can run over your existing phone line. A dial-up would require a separate phone line for a full time connection.
    ----- very long pause -----
    "Sorry sir, is there anything else I can do for you today?"
    *sigh* No thanks. (obvious not, huh?)

    I'm going to call the alternative DSL suppliers and see if support and technical knowledge is better. Qwest is not worthy of our $150/month if they're that damn stupid.

    DSL Hell

    Signed up for Bazillion... twice the speed of Qwest for half the price. Problem is --- they rely on Qwest to hook the loop up at the central office, so there's still a big wait. I guess I'll keep both orders pending and see who hooks up first. I'd really rather go with bazillion, but at the same time I want it now (hell, I wanted it Sept. 1st when I was told I could get it.) Qwest is planning on setting up the loop for their ISP service on the 20th, but their ISP department has no record of us having an account. Damn morons.

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    blythe bought me dinner tonight ... her deal was if I drove, she'd buy. how could I say no? we went to cedars. always good.

    mike and I are at the computer lab now ... reading mail, doing LJ stuff.

    read this. it scares me. (thanks, mattrope)