September 19th, 2000


i sleep

going to go home now and try and get on a normal sleeping schedule again. (i swear I say this every few weeks).

anil's moved in.

helped anil move all his stuff in.

the funny thing is that he moved a lot of his stuff into the backyard of the wrong house.... he was thinking it was 5261 instead of 5251. he says I gave him the wrong address, but I say he's on crack .... we posted the address many times and I'm sure the majority of them were correct.

back in sieg. i'm not in the lab --- i'm in the undergraduate lounge area, which I like because the wheelchair is in here and it's quiet. unfortunately, this other dude is now in here also that talks to himself. stupid CS people.

home I go.

going to ride back home while it's still somewhat light outside. then I'm going to make some food... maybe some macaroni and cheese. Mmmmm.

cisco stuff

back in the CS building.
i brought with me our cisco 675 to configure.
this is so damn fun ... these little routers are amazing.
tomorrow our DSL is supposed to be hooked up. can't wait.


I HAVE DSL!!!! Yesterday finally gave us our DSL username and password. I didn't know what to do with it, so I went to the lab tonight and read up on how to configure our Cisco 675 router/modem. Came back, set it all up, plugged it in, and viola! It all works. Everybody is up and running now .... works great. Very damn fast, too.

Only problem is that one of my monitors is dead, so I'm having to use VNC to see my Windows computer, and IE doesn't work over VNC (the screen doesn't update when you scroll). So, I need to go get a new monitor. Other than that, I'm happy. Megan says I'm her favorite roommate now. Anil and I are having a celebratory beer.
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