September 23rd, 2000


fun with adam

so, blythe and i went to golden gardens with adam and met up with a bunch of his friends --- a very interesting group of people. made a huge damn fire and everybody was spinning fire. i didn't spin fire, but adam let me borrow his chains while he was practicing with his rope, and i spun for awhile ... very damn fun. very tiring too. left arm muscles got sore quickly. afterwards we went back to adam's house (so damn big!!) and he made me two wicks and chains .... i can now spin fire! mwa hah hah! (i should practice a few days probably without fire first.... that'd be wise)


it's cold in here. i mean like ... really cold. (awake, btw.)

update: turned on the heater. now it's nice and toasty in here. surprised it works, and that it works as well as it does. only caveat is that the heater is supposed to be in open, away from drapes, cords, etc, etc..... and I had all my cords running by it, my bed, all my extra blankets were falling over the bed onto it. i really don't want to rearrange my room again. maybe i'll just keep my bed pulled out against the wall a few feet. that's what mike did in his room.


don't feel good today. just pretty pissed off at a long of stuff. room's messy .... school's about to start .... i need to go grocery shopping .... the circuit breaker for half the downstairs keeps tripping because people are doing laundry ... thump thump thump ... there's a party going on outside my room ... i haven't taken a shower yet ... i'm so rarely happy. *sigh*


erik and eli went to play tennis. i declined eli's offer to join them ... other things to do, but i don't want to do any of them. cleaned my room and rearranged the living room to move the good TV up there, so less people watch TV down here. in cleaning my room I found an old belt that doesn't fit. i punched a new hole in it, cut it off, and now it's a wrist belt where I can clip on chains for fire spinning. need two, though, eventually. think i'm going to ride down to the park and practice. bedroom's too small.

damn i'm a good cook

went to QFC with blythe and got tortillas, ground beef, chicken, salsa, taco sauce, taco flavor mix, refried beans, and went to her house and cooked. damn good meal. (she's teaching me how to cook, ya see.... so I can survive day to day without red robin's, jack in the box, and burger king...)