September 25th, 2000



Time to sleep. Tomorrow's going to suck ... I have classes at 8:30, 10:30, 12:30, 1:30, and 6:30-9:30 (!!). *sigh* Tuesdays and Thursdays are both very nice, extremely light.

School beginneth.
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took a shower, got out, froze, turned on the heater, was warm, was happy. bike tire's kinda flat. debating whether or not to ride to class today.

1 done, 159 to go.

Went to Physics.... the professor kicks ass. He's like a cross between some California surfer dude, a mad scientist, and a lunatic.... he talks incredibly fast too, which I like --- slow talkers bore me.

Given that I have 16 classes per week, and 10 weeks.... I figure I'm 0.625% done with this year.

4 done, 176 to go.

I readjusted my "classes to go" from 160 to 180, since my lab is actually 3 hours each week, not 1 .... that adds another 20 hours. So now I'm 2.2% done with this quarter.

Went to Washington Mutual after classes and setup a checking account for the house... so now we can all deposit money there and then transfer it to our slumlord's account.

3.8% done

done with 1 day of classes.... 2% done by days. 3.8% done by hours. today was my 7 hour day... ugh. too much class.

working on entering livejournal payment info --- a lot of people are paying lately. that's good ... it'll help buy livejournal some damn fast servers finally. (so the site isn't so damn slow)

blythe's not pissed or mad or sad. she's "annoyed". i guess it's been too long between visits/calls. i think i suck at relationships... always too busy or stressed to hang out and relax a bit.