September 26th, 2000


Today's menu

And for today's lunch we'll be having chips and salsa, served in front of a sizzling computer screen. Yes folks, fancy dining today! Nothing but the best in 5251.

I'm sitting at home from 12:30-5 today waiting for the phone company to install another line into the house. I'm also working on getting everybody's rent money from them.

$340, my ass!

the phone company wanted $85 per jack for our new basement phone number. i said, "okay, just install it in my room then." scott and i then went to radio shack, bought some phone wire, wire cutters, and opened up the boxes outside and wired it all ourselves. we feel pretty damned proud of ourselves right now.... not only did we save $340, but we did a very professional job hooking it up, too .... ran the wires very cleanly.