September 27th, 2000


fun fun

been fighting with the server all night. think i have it working pretty well.... for another day or so at best. at some point i'm going to run out of clever ideas to make it faster. hopefully, though, we'll get the new servers soon .... hopefully early october. grrr.... so stressful.

i'm going to bed now. mike sheley just ICQ'd me this funny picture.

can't sleep

... so I got up and shaved. i'm really itching all over tonight. feels like the day after a sunburn, where your whole body is itchy. very annoying. don't know why.

Day in review

  • went to classes. enjoyed them all except my databases class.... the guy teaching it doesn't do that great of a job and the class is notably bored. having a lot of database experience, i see what he's trying to say sometimes, or where he's trying to go, but he does a really bad job of it, imho. sad. i've seen bad professors mess up really easy and fun subjects and i've seen good professors make really hard and boring subjects fun and exciting.... the professor quality makes or breaks the class.
  • worked on some livejournal things in between classes
  • my linguistics lecture --- sat near the back today. i was shocked at how many girls are in that class! being in the CS department i don't see many girls, so seeing a 200+ person lecture with 50-60% girls was astounding.
  • hooked up more rooms with phones, and redid a bunch of the old sloppy wiring. eli's phone line quality is reportedly much improved.
  • went to the bank and deposited rent money: $3,600 in checks and $400 in cash (erik's all about the benjamins, it seems). i then transferred the money to our slumlord's account.
  • made some pizza and ate it with scott.
  • time for livejournal.
  • belize


    I got mail from Rhys! I've know her on the Internet from a loooonnngg time ago. About as far back as I know Whitaker. Rhys has a tendency to drop out of contact for months/years at a time, though.... very annoying. :-)


    just watched adam spin fire in the alley. always impressive. everybody's asking me, "brad, can you do that?" a big, "hell no" is all I can reply. adam's damn good. i didn't appreciate how good he was until I tried doing a lot of those moves (without fire).