September 28th, 2000


i like thursdays

tomorrow (today) i have only one class, and not until 10:30. i will get 8 hours of sleep afterall. i was thinking it was 9:30.

forumzilla is not cooperating with my livejournal RDF files.

i sleep now.

(no subject)

one class today. linguistics section ... not too bad at all. got some homework due tomorrow, though. homework sucks. going to go make some toast now before class.

yee haw

been making some mad crazy LJ optimizations. fixed an annoying bug too. why does perl have a bitwise operator context for strings? fuck that... never does anything but introduce bugs. $var+=0; okay, back to a numeric. stupid hidden scalar types.

anyway, LJ's fast now. done with classes. did some homework. going to go try and find blythe now... her cellphone is being retarded.

afternoon in review

went to see the Andy Warhol art exhibit with Blythe. pretty cool.
went to get lunch with blythe
did my compiler homework
cleaned the basement with scott, involving:
  • breaking down the old couch and hauling it outside
  • vacuuming
  • bringing the new bigger couch downstairs (this was a pain in the ass!!)
feeling accomplished.