September 29th, 2000


Formal education can blow me.

My database class epitomizes all that I hate about formal education. The professor is teaching nothing but theory, not a word he says is applicable in any way to real world database work. Now, that's not to say that I don't appreciate theory --- I do. But theory is best accompanied by current examples, historical changes, anecdotes, etc... Classes should not be entirely theory. The whole class is bored as hell. I only know what he's talking about because I've been doing database work for 5 years now. The rest of the class is going to walk out of there knowing a bunch of buzzwords but being completely clueless in the workforce. There's nothing worse than a CS student that knows buzzwords and can't perform.... absolutely disgusts me. I don't think schools are doing a great job. The best teachers I've had have been TAs, not professors. I think professors get off on the theory because it is exciting, but forget that most students don't have the experience to appreciate the theory.

I've asked two very good questions in class now about but have yet to get any satisfactory answers from the guy.

Grrr. I hate school.

Fuck it.

Fuck Virtualis' customer db schema.
Fuck's internet backbone.
Fuck the UW CS lab's printers and print queue system.
Fuck Voicestream's inadequate network.
Fuck MySQL's table locking.

Each of the above represents a huge problem that's pissed me off today. But you know what? Fuck it.

I'm going to go out in the rain and spin my chains, probably cutting up the inside of my fingers some more.

# shutdown -h now

Return to sanity, for now.

Getting away from the computer for awhile was relaxing. I feel a lot better.

Went to the forest in a little secluded area and spun. I did get two new blisters, as I imagined. I need to make handles. Some guy walking through told me rather angrily that I need to be careful because "those things are dangerous!". Hey buddy, you're not the one that's hit yourself in the nuts twice now... keeping walking.

On the way back I helped a couple carry in a big TV... the girl was dying trying to lift up her side. She was very thankful that I took over. When I got home and looked in the mirror I laughed --- my hair was soaking wet and combed straight up with my fingers. I looked funny... wonder what they thought when they saw me walking up the street in the pouring rain with my silly hair, offering to help. Heh.

Went to Red Robin's with Blythe. Saw Erik and Chuck there.... odd.

I've been observing people a lot today. It's interesting. I wonder how many people are happy.

Blythe and I are going to watch a movie, clean my room (I am, at least), and chill around the house.