September 30th, 2000



It's nice and rainy outside today, as it was yesterday. Rain makes me happy. When it's sunny I feel stressed. That doesn't make much sense, and I can't figure it out myself, but the rain relaxes me.

I continue my quest at improving LiveJournal performance. Yesterday wasn't my fault --- the server was doing fine but there were major network problems all over hte place. One backbone had a fiber cut, a major peering point in Seattle went down, things were crazy.... it really frustrated me because I had gone to so much work the prior day at making the server fast, but the network problems were out of my control, yet everyone would think it's LJ's fault again. Grr. But things are fast now.

I cleaned my room, my laundry, and my inbox. I should clean my car, too. Maybe I'll do that later.

I'm using the new Linux LiveJournal client. It's looking nice. Good work, Evan.

i out

bunch of us watched the football game. patrick came earlier ... we've been working on fun livejournal stuff (to be linked later). we're taking off now....

"What are my friends doing?"

Nothing, patrick says. (I just checked a few minutes ago)

Actually, Erik and a bunch of people are going to get really drunk and run around the house with bras on their head. That ought to be entertaining. I should go borrow some of Dana's bras .... she said I could. :-)