October 1st, 2000


it's early.

i've been up since 5am or so. don't know why. can't sleep.... kinda hot, nose is plugged up, and i'm thirsty. think i'm getting sick.


woke up about a half hour ago. eli and i are going to bike to greenlake... he wants to get a hook to hang his bike from the ceiling. i want breakfast.


Back from Greenlake. Eli got some bike stuff, then we got burritos.

Goals for the day:
  • shower
  • process new LJ paid accounts
  • clean room
  • put new batteries in palm pilot
  • figure out all the homework & reading i'm supposed to do
  • do some of it
bleh. stoopid sundays.


took a shower
cleaned my room
wrote a script to automate the processing of payments
paying some bills.
i've memorized my credit card number.
13 DVDs aren't listed on my DVD list. *sigh*
fixed my blinds. one was bent. bugs were able to fly in. no screen.
think i'm going to vacuum.
listening to new Limp Bizkit album.
wish banks were open on Sunday.
need to put laundry away.
switched to 1600x1200 today.


going to golden gardens w/ adam. gonna get food, then to the hardware store, then off the park. fire will be a spinnin'... by me? we'll see.