October 3rd, 2000


2 mondays down, 8 to go.

i forgot to post earlier. i wrote up half my journal entry and then forgot to finish it. oh well .... no journal entry. the extent of it was, "phew... done with monday". but then i realized i still had to do some homework. now i can really say it: "phew, done with monday." damn it feels good. mondays are terrible for me this quarter. tomorrow is light... 2 classes, back to back. beats 7 hours. tomorrow's goal: organize room, backpack, and binders.... prereq goal: hit an office supply store and buy lots of binders, hanging folders, etc...

now i sleep.

I lose.

Physics tutorial --- forgot to take the pretest that was due yesterday. forgot to bring my tutorial lab book to class.

Linguistics section --- forgot there was a test today and thus forgot to study ... didn't do too well.

Pretty nice short day, though. :-)

Now I eat and go do some errands.

my day in review

after my unproductive morning, i decided to get my life in order. i went to office depot and bought a bunch of organizational furniture... desk stand, file cabinets, file folders, pencils, etc... then I cleaned my room, my desk, made my bed, and did a bunch of homework.

sarah (livejournal user #8 and friend from first year in college) came by and visited me about 6:00 pm... that was cool. hadn't seen her in awhile. made me happy.

afterwards blythe came over and I cooked us macaroni and cheese and dr. pepper. gourmet.

now i'm working on physics. the homework is all web-based now, so we know right away if we got it right or not... no showing our work, kick ass. i'm stuck on these two:

"Two fixed particles, of charges q1 = +2.0 µC and q2 = -7.0 µC, are 14 cm apart. How far from each should a third charge be located so that no net electrostatic force acts on it? " Seemed easy (4.88 cm), but I keep getting it wrong.

"Two engineering students, John with a weight of 180 lb and Mary with a weight of 90 lb, are 100 ft apart. Suppose each has a 0.04% imbalance in the amount of positive and negative charge, one student being positive and the other negative. Estimate roughly the electrostatic force of attraction between them by replacing each student with a sphere of water having the same mass as the student." No clue. Need to read the book I guess. But what's with the stupid units?

physics party!

... in brad's room! 4 people are here now.... any more that can fit are welcome.

(especially if you help me solve these remaining two problems! ;-))

Physics update

I did end up getting the first physics problem I complained about earlier. It turned out to just be a sign error in the formula I setup to solve it. I like finding stupid bugs mistakes like that.

The second one I'm still working on ... Scott and Mike gave me a crash course in chemistry and the problem makes sense now. I think I'm just making another stupid mistake in one of the dozen conversions.