October 5th, 2000


the plan

Scott, Eli and I rode our bikes to Safeway earlier and got groceries. I also got Drano and fixed the bathroom sink drain.

I don't feel like doing anything now so I'm going to sleep. The plan's to wake up early and be productive, or... sleep in, get some good rest finally, and then be productive after my one class tomorrow. In any case, I have a bunch of homework due Friday, so I have to do it sometime. Bleh.

No Internet :-(

Slept so well last night... found the perfect combination of blankets and pillows such that I fell right asleep without squirming around for hours. This morning I felt completely rested.

The only thing that's getting me down right now is that the Internet in my house isn't working. Can't figure out why not, either... my guess is that the phone cord to the DSL modem came unplugged, but Erik's room is always locked so I couldn't go check. *sigh*

Class in 10 minutes.

(no subject)

Scott and I are doing homework in the lab. I'm using Microsoft Visio to make some database diagrams. I was kinda sad to learn that Microsoft bought Visio, but after using it I'm glad they did... Visio's interface sucked before. Microsoft really cleaned it up.

I really dislike CS people. The majority of them are annoying, stupid, smelly, and full of themselves. There are only 4 or 5 whom I actually respect.

Oh well. Back to work.


i'm ready to kill somebody, or a lot of people

1) no Internet at home because we can't get into Erik's room still. I don't know where that fucker is, but he'd better come home sometime soon. it's not directly his fault, but we're still all really pissed at him. we really need a spare key of his for "emergency" situations like this. I had homework on the web to get, Dana's homework was on the web, Scott couldn't play his online games, Megan couldn't chat to a dozen people....

2) the CS lab isn't a suitable internet-access alternative anymore because all these ignorant loud-mouthed wanna-be-hackers are in here pretending they have half a clue about how to use computers. you can't even think in this damn place. these are the people I'm ready to kill.

3) bunch of homework is due tomorrow that I haven't finished and am having a hard time finishing. I bought a printer today and that's at home, where I don't have net access. Here there is net access, but no working printers. And I own absolutely 0 floppy disks. grrr.

4) the morons at Virtualis are impossible to contact.

Shitty day. Nice weather, but overall shitty.

Sucks. Cool.

Sucks: homework assignments due tomorrow. No DSL at home because for some unknown reason there was a cancel order on it. We sure as hell didn't cancel it, and they can't tell who did. I have to call some other number tomorrow morning to sort it out. Grrrr.

Cool: revjim, my new printer (HP 970Cse), LiveJournal is now running w/ both processors actually enabled... all it took was a reboot and then Linux recognized the second one (?!).

Scott and I are in the CS lab now. He's working on his Russian and database homework. I'm working on my Linguistics and database homework.