October 8th, 2000



today I woke up at 1:15 pm. pathetic.

checked my mail: nothing interesting.

going to go outside now and do my homework.

on a mac

went to a nice little grove on campus and read my physics. textbooks are boring.

i'm using a macintosh now, in the computer lab. not the CS lab (dear god no... they wouldn't have macs) but in the general student lab. i was going to check to see if a LJ bug was still present on macs, but apparently it's not.

i found an ssh client for macs (NiftyTelnet) so I read my mail. now i have to leave before I go crazy. these stupid keyboards and mice are killing me.

have to go take a physics pretest now on the web, then write some perl to do my compilers/math homework.

(no subject)

Took my physics pretest... I hope the point of pretests is that we're not supposed to have a clue, because I sure didn't. I'm tired of school.

This lab's closing in 10 minutes, so I guess I have to go back to the CS lab. Maybe the math lab is open... I need to find all the little computer labs on campus and learn their hours.

the lab

did homework today. it feels that all I ever do is get behind and almost catch up... i never have everything done. and even if i do, it's only for an hour or two, then i got piles of stuff again. (not just with homework--- but with everything) oh well.

talking with some people in irc.openprojects.net #livejournal ... come on by. fun stuff. going to work on some new LJ features and infrastructure now. left my cellphone at home on accident.

outta here

been in the lab working on LJ stuff. i'm outta here now, though... going up to the house. guess there's a mini-party going on, and blythe's back, so she's going to come over.