October 9th, 2000



what do we all do in the absense of internet access? the whole house gets drunk. (read this, read this) except scott, of course. scott just observed our drunk asses. i have class in 7 hours. bleh. this took a long time to type. either eli's monitor is fuzzy (he has a modem) or i'm really drunk. even if the non-drinking girl in our house (i can't say her name) is really drunk... she keeps throwing up. hahahah. i reminded her to do her homework due tomorrow at 9 and she freaked out. oh yeah.... i helped eli with a bunch of his physics .. he's in "physics for sorority girls" ... aka really stoopid physics. eli's sober.... oh yeah, forgot that. but the party was in his room all night. i threw a bunch of bottles on his roof outside his window. we'll climb the tree tomorrow and clean them... maybe. our non-drinking girl housemate is really drunk... she won't puke in her $10 garbage can... silly girl.

Es regnet!

It's raining today, and raining hard. I saw all these sorority girls walking to class in their cute little sorority clothes and getting absolutely poured on.... funny stuff.

I slept really well last night and had some really good and bizarre dreams.... can't remember all the details now but I remember waking up and just wanting to go back into the dreams. Nevertheless, I actually had energy when I woke up today... made it to class on time and everything.

Scott just walked into the lab. We live here, it seems.

I feel surprisingly happy for Monday, day of hell. Of course, I'm only 1/7th done with classes now... I bet I feel worse later in the day. :-)

mondays never end.

as expected, this monday feels like it'll never end.... class after class after class. i rode home but then realized there's nothing to do there so I came back to campus. i need to do a bunch of physics due tomorrow and wednesday. i have a physics lab tonight at 6:30. bleh.

in the lab now but going to leave shortly ... too loud in here.

physics phun

i've used 1 of my 15 submissions and have 8 of 22 points. i like webassign.net.

physics is my most time consuming class this quarter. everything else is really a breeze in comparison. *sigh* I can't wait until my spring quarter of this year... I'll be pretty much done with all my classes and requirements.

physics lab in one hour. guess i should eat before then. subway again? why not...

hell & pizza.

my day of hell is now over. the physics lab was particularly painful .. not only because it took the full 3 hours, but because I never ate dinner so I was starving the whole time. i'm now in the CS lab and have a pizza on its way.

i'm going to work on my physics homework now. dior and I are working on them over email.

mmm damn

that was some good pizza. i now have energy to complete my physics (or at least continue fighting with it for awhile....)

physics hell day

monday shall henceforth be called "physics hell day" ... 8:30 lecture, 6:30pm lab, tutorial homework due the next day, have to work all day on the lecture homework due wednesday... my god, will it ever stop?

going home now (finally leaving campus) to do more physics with dana.