October 10th, 2000


stoopid brad

first: 1 processor on of 2 total, db untuned -- shitty
second: 1 processor on of 2 total, db tuned --- getting better
third: turned second processor on, rebooted and db restarted with default options. didn't notice for a few days. seemed faster, but still locked a bunch. wtf?

now: both processors on, db optimizations on... so fast. 50% more throughput now. so nice.

*sigh* i wish i could devote myself to one task.

fun at adam's

went to adam's w/ evan... faith there, bill, bunch of adam's IRC friends... ate pizza, played RC Pro-Am on NES ... I got 47,000 points. evan got 98,000. adam got somewhere in the middle. I lose. :-/ oh well. fun stuff.

back now. blythe here. going to do some physics and work on an LJ-related project.