October 11th, 2000



time for some random quickies!
  • Scott is a pussy. he made fun of me for starting livejournal.exe from the command line. "My god, who starts their programs from the command line? In Windows??"
  • Happy Birthday, patrick!
  • feel bad for forgetting so much calculus (and math in general). I don't need it for my classes, but I remember having fun with it. being a math major would be interesting --- but applicable to anything?
  • At 4pm the repair man is supposed to come and fix our kitchen sink and haul away some of our trash.
  • DSL is supposed to be hooked up tonight by 5pm.
  • I only have one problem (3 points) left on my physics homework.... have 19/22 points so far. due tonight at midnight.
  • bunch of new homework was assigned today. :-(
  • nice weather today.
  • wish I owned a steering wheel for my computer ... so I could play Need For Speed without the keyboard/mouse. I love driving video games... they're the only ones I've consistently loved: rc pro-am, mario kart, road blasters, pole position, super mario kart, need for speed 1, 2, 3... yeah, I need a steering wheel.

stupid people

i'd like to list the following people that are angering me right now:
  • our landlord
  • the repairman that's supposed to be fixing our sink 35 minutes ago.
  • US West (is now Qwest) for breaking our DSL and not fixing it yet (they have 25 minutes yet... whatever... it won't be fixed today)
  • Erik, for always locking his room on the days when they're supposed to be doing DSL work. Qwest asks me to tell them what the lights on the DSL modem are doing but I can't even get to the modem because it's locked in Erik's room. Grrr. We were going to mount it in the hallway instead of his room but he didn't have an ethernet cable long enough to reach the switch and modem if they were in the hall, so instead of waiting a day to go get one we left it in his room and it's always frickin' locked. I'm just going to flip the circuit breaker on the house to reboot the router at 5pm. (I used to be able to telnet to it to reboot it, but the stupid Qwest people had me clear the NVRAM on it, and I forgot to set the exec and enable passwords before rebooting.... grrr... so now I have to borrow demo's serial-to-ethernet management cable again and set the damn thing like that)
that's my rant. all done.

Fuck US West

Our DSL still isn't working, and it's past 5pm on Wednesday, the time it was supposed to be working no later than.

They said they're bumping us up to "Tier One Point Five" support... great, so we made it one fucking half a tier up in the support chain. Whoopdeefuckingdoo. Maybe by the time we get to tier 3.5 they'll put someone on the phone with opposable thumbs* competent enough to realize that yes, indeed... US West is retarded and it's their damn fault and they'd fix it. But no, we're at tier 1.5 now and somebody will get back to us "no later than" 2 or 3 business days. Translation? It'll be another few weeks before we have our DSL working again.

So, in conclusion: Fuck US West. I think it's time to get cable. I hate Cable, but I also hate US West... what a fucking dilemma.

Eli and I are on a bike ride now... stopping in the library to pick up some stuff. I showed Eli a cool trail to get down to class but he almost smacked into the side of some old dude coming down a blind bankment. He's going to buy me ice cream ... he thinks I'm a chick or something, and that by buying me ice cream it'll make all my no-Internet-aggression go away. Pfffft. Whateva'. :-P

Anyway, I out.