October 16th, 2000



today is monday. no fun.

I forgot to post something in my day-in-review post yesterday --- I gave myself a haircut Saturday night. Nolegs has inspired me, and Adam supported me when I was deciding if it was a good idea or not. Also, mad props to Megan for doing the back of my neck which I couldn't see. My hair looks and feels great now.... and I didn't even have to pay $11 or so for a haircut! ah yea'. I also shaved my beard off... but that was like a few weeks ago.


I hear that we have DSL working again at home... kick ass.

Physics lab tonight, but who cares... I have DSL.
Mad homework and projects due soon, but who cares... I have DSL.

I'm so excited. Tomorrow I'm going to call and find out the root cause of the problems and get reimbursed for our week and a half off line.

So Happy

I was planning on wasting the 4 hour break between my classes and my lab on campus and at Evan's. While at Evan's I discovered that DSL service had finally been restored at our house. With less than an hour left before lab, I rode home uphill in the rain, just to sit at my own computer and read my mail and browse the web listening to my mp3s, sitting in my nice leather chair.... ahhhh..... sooo nice. Sitting here drinking my iced tea, eating noodles.... at peace.

Tonight I shall do LiveJournal work. Oh yes. I can't wait!
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easy lab

lab was easy this week ... hooking up circuits of light bulbs in series & parallel and predicting the current, resistance, etc. my god, isn't that standard middle school material? anyway, we got done over an hour early, so I'm happy.

downloaded a new mozilla build, drinking some iced tea, and then we're having a house meeting shortly.