October 17th, 2000


day in review

went to physics. went to linguistics. had a test in linguistics that I didn't realize I had until this morning, 5 minutes before physics. i studied all through physics and did pretty well on it. i was expecting it flunk it like last week's. biked home ... my legs are sore. not sure why. normally the ride doesn't even phase me. read some mail, webpages, and made some mac and cheese. now I'm on the phone with US West trying to get a refund for our two week DSL outage. their hold music is skipping ... pretty funny. it's like a symbol for how bad their service is --- they can't even get a CD player to work.

cookies good. homework bad.

went to blythe's (a block away) and ate some of her freshly made cookies... good stuff. now i'm back doing physics... i swear i can be retarded sometimes: coming back I tried to unlock the door to my room by pressing my car's unlock remote control button. I heard the car unlock behind me and thought, "what the hell?" only then did I realize what I'd done, and instead went to unlock the door with my keys. the sad part is that's now the third time I've done that. personally, I think the door should just recognize your presence and unlock automatically. i'd even settle for a hand or retinal scan.

going to work on physics homework for an hour and a half, then do database homework. homework blows.


i hate my databases classes, and it hates me. you'd think I'd do well in that class, right? ya know, having made dozens of database-backed websites? NOPE! I'm doing terrible in the class (one of the lowest, if not the lowest, grade on the last homework) and it's absolutely pissing me off.... it's being taught formally from the ground up and he's ignoring so many issues that I'm thinking too far into things and screwing myself over. the "right" answers on the homeworks actually seem so stupid that I doubt myself and change it and get them wrong..... grrrrr. what frustrates me more is that the homework is horrendously long. and the professor is some ukrainian guy with an extreme robotic accent, he's dull and boring, and isn't very approachable at all... *sigh* I want to drop half of my classes.


I know a way to slow LiveJournal's growth and thus help speed the servers*... I'll be an absolute ass to everybody that mails me a stupid question! That'll do it!

* I'm continually increasingly the speed of the server, but there are new users all the time, so total speed / total users = speed per user.... Total speed is now up over double what it was a few weeks ago (based on web server throughput) but max users has increased so much that speed per user (each user's perception of the site's speed) continues to fall. So depressing.

don't be confused...

... as much as I bitch about homework and stuff, I'm still very content these past two days. it's so much easier doing homework at home instead of in the CS lab, miles away, downhill in the rain with a bunch of loud geeks.

People to kill....

... my housemate Brittany, for buying a car alarm for her Jeep that would put even the most gang-bangin' homey-g-wannabe to shame.

It's raining now and with every raindrop that hits the car, the alarm chirps. I kid you not --- the thing is beeping incessantly. I'm about to take a baseball bat to it, because the continual siren might be less annoying.

Slurpee run

Just went on a Slurpee run with Kenji (the initiator), Anil, and Eli. Kenji made fun of the Inn (weekly religious brainwashing get-together) and entertained us. Slurpees are good.