October 19th, 2000


need to sleep

i've been getting too little sleep lately. i finished my physics homework earlier, but never finished the other things I wanted to do tonight (linguistics and databases). oh well, i guess they can wait until tomorrow sometime. sleep is more important at this point.

revised plans

my one class today (linguistics section) was almost entirely useless, but at the very end she canceled the homework that is due today at 5pm ... so no homework! I'm going to take my nap now.

Blythe, Pizza, mod_perl, PHP

Blythe ETA 5 minutes.
Pizza ETA 45-50 minutes.

I'm installing the latest Apache, Perl, and mod_perl on my personal Linux box, in order to start learning mod_perl again. I'm currently in a personal debate about whether or not to use PHP or mod_perl for the rewrite (or semi-rewrite) of LiveJournal. With mod_perl I'd get to save more code, but mod_perl is kinda ugly, but it's fun and powerful. With PHP I'd get to learn PHP (which I've wanted to do), but I'd have to rewrite all the code.

So, the plan is to learn mod_perl as well as I can in the next few days, then make my decision.

too much pizza

I don't feel good... I ate too much pizza. I didn't eat lunch (slept through it) so I was pretty hungry. When the pizza arrived I was a little too eager to dive in and eat a bunch too quickly.

Have to finish database homework now.

Stupid beeping

Brittany's car is beeping again, presumably because it's raining again. About once every 15 seconds for a few minutes it beeps, then it's quiet for a minute or two. She turned off the beeping last night and her car got broken into again. So I guess we're not supposed to complain about the beeping now, but it sure is irritating. She's going to have the company that put it in adjust it in a few days. You'd think they could make an alarm that only went off once the car was actually broken into.... oh, you mean like my car? Oh yes.... they can! I have a strong hunch that the car was broken into this most recent time because of the beeping. There are apartments and houses all around where it's parked --- I bet one of the tennants got pissed off.

Anyway, back to homework.