October 21st, 2000


day in review

woke up at noon --- weather's so nice. why does it have to be nice and sunny on a day that I don't have to walk to class? I'd prefer it be rainy and miserable today so I'd feel inclined to stay inside and do homework.

anyway, I took a shower and then went shopping in U-Village with Kailani ... got two shirts, pants, and a coat. I have two coats already, but one is too thick/hot and the other is too thin & dumb looking. My new coat rocks.

Now the plan is to work on a compiler project, and later a database project.

interesting things

went to kinko's to send a fax (get an RMA number for my broken monitor). interesting things I noticed during the trip: there are tons of tow-trucks out, hauling away all the cars illegally parked for the football game. a freshman working at Kinko's asked me if I went to UW. I said yes. He asked if I knew when the next formal dance was... I told them I didn't think the school threw dances, but the greeks do. I told him the dorms try to throw dances, but nobody ever goes. He looked disappointed.... I bet he misses high-school.

I changed my Windows colors... I'm now using the "Maple" scheme, with a maroon background. I also cleaned off my desktop. But now I'm switching monitors to Linux ... can't wait until ADI fixes my second monitor.

Oh, another cool thing --- I enhanced my mp3 sorter program to look for duplicate files by both checking for similar file names (pretty flexible) and also for identical files (based on an MD5 digest) ... it's totally cleaning stuff up. I think I'm going to keep working on this script until it's flexible enough that I can give it to other people, and maybe even build a GUI on top of it.


mike and I ordered pizza. I made a conscience effort this time to eat slower ... the last few times I've ate pizza I've ate too much too quick and not felt good.

back to working on compiler stuff.

evening in review

mike and I ate pizza.

worked on my mp3 cleaner/sorter programmer. have even more ideas for it now.

eli found a bunch of mp3s for me.

headache. :-(

working on compiler project now w/ scott remotely over phone/aim.