October 24th, 2000


Adventurous Gerbil, part 2

It seems the gerbil has escaped again:
if you see a brown gerbil running around downstairs. step on it.


I even had the lid on this time!!!

That's hilarious. I need to do my physics.


I now understand why LiveJournal's servers suck --- it's the same reason that I suck at school this quarter: too much damn stuff to do. I can work my ass off but there's still just always tons more stuff to do... my load average is always going to be as pathetic as LiveJournal's server....

lj@www:~$ cat /proc/loadavg
5.71 5.89 5.78 4/176 23879

LiveJournal would be running well if it were 5 times as fast, or had 5 times less to do.

I think I'd be stress free if I had 5 times less stuff to do.

I really need to drop a class but there's nothing that I can easily drop... everything I either really want to do, or is required.

So anyway, not only do I feel the server's pain now, but I understand it... even being damn fast, there's only so much you can do. Even when I'm extremely productive for a few days, there's still stuff I haven't done (stress) ... it's only a matter of how much stuff I've done. Sure, maybe I accomplished more than I did the day before, but all that really matters is if there's stuff (any quantity) that I haven't done... this is analagous to any user getting a server error on LiveJournal. The problem isn't solved until all requests go through quickly, all of the time. Look at my damn inbox... 40 messages. All of them require me to do something (else they'd be deleted).

Grrrr.... okay, I need to start getting help with LiveJournal. Like, serious help.... not "hey, I know HTML and am learning flash and will volunteer" help. I need to give ownership to several key talented people that I know and trust who have an interest in seeing things succeed. This isn't a call for volunteers... this is me ranting. I need to figure out who I want to be a major part of this. I can't even deal with school... how am I supposed to run this damn site by myself?

I figure I need one really good programming/web/unix person and one good business person, to start.

I almost skipped my second class today... I was ready to fall asleep in my first one. I then planned to go home and take a 6 hour nap or so like last week, but I think I have to do other things... I have to go ship one of my 19" monitors to San Jose to have it repaired. It's still under warranty, but shipping and insurance won't be cheap. Speaking of insurance, I also still have to call people about the key scratch on my car..... grrrrrrrrrrr.

stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress

There's an undocumented meta-data option that you can set on posts to prevent people from replying to entries. I think I'll use it on this one. I never integrated it into the LJ client because I couldn't find a good way to word it or place it such that stupid users wouldn't just set it all the time when they should've instead just set the global options. But yeah, I didn't write this for people to reply... just to bitch. Don't reply to this in another journal entry either... that's irritating.

An errand, the details.

As if my rant from earlier wasn't fun enough, here I go again ... after class I was too tired to bike home, so I sat in the lab and got caught up on email. After that I rode home and set out on a mission to ship one of my broken monitors back to ADI. This mission is particularly difficult because a) I don't have the original box, b) the monitor weighs 63 pounds, doesn't fit in my backpack or on my bike, and c) there's no place to park in Seattle.

So, I drive to Safeway, park there, and carry the 63 pound monitor around the block (quite some distance) and go to some mailboxes/shipping place... you know the type. Turns out the monitor is too big for any of their boxes. So, I carry the monitor back around the block and into my car.

I drive to kinkos... they don't do packaging, just shipping. They did just remodel, however, so the guy gives me a box they had... 20" cubed. My monitor is 19"x20"x18".... it'd fit, but without any styrofoam or bubble wrap. I thank the guy, but have to leave and go find another place.

I pay to park a block or so away from another packaging/shipping place... It's run by some Asian guy that doesn't speak much English and his son (about my age) that speaks perfect English without a hint of an accent.... you know the type of store. Anyway, they have a box that's 25"x25"x20" ... good enough. The monitor's already broken, who cares if it breaks a little more in transit, right? It actually worked out pretty well because I was able to take off the base of the monitor to make it smaller. (remember this). We packed it up and addressed it and wrote the RMA number all over it... everything the ADI people said to do. While I was helping pack the box a girl came in and got in the passport photo chair right behind me, but I didn't hear her come in... I stood up and kinda bumped into her. I apologized and we talked a bit. Turns out she's going to Napal. Interesting. I paid for everything ($46.99 shipping for a monitor I bought for $550 that was later selling for $350) and took off.

I got coffee from Espresso Roma, next door. There was a really cute girl working there. I was surprised I didn't recognize anybody sitting down in there.... usually I run into people there. Anyway, I went back to the car, paid for my parking, and left.

Came home (after sitting in traffic at every light), parked the car in my small little parking spot, and spilled my coffee all over the floor mat in my car. Luckily it was contained to just the mat.

Oh, guess what I forgot? I left the monitor base back at the shipping place. I decide to bike there instead this time.... I got there more than twice as quick as it did to drive the first time, and coming back likewise.

With luck I'll have a fixed or new monitor in a few weeks.

Now, time for the next errand. Then homework, then more homework....

homework fun

did most of my physics homework that I normally due on wednesday. tomorrow will be more relaxing. i was planning on finishing it tonight, but a few problems are still troubling me. i'm going to bed early tonight.... like now.