October 25th, 2000


Good sleep

Ah, that was some good, long sleep. Had some weird dreams too.

Read slashdot this morning ... Stupid international anti-hacking treaties ... pisses me off. If nmap and nc become illegal then I'm going into organized crime: COPPA, DMCA, linking being illegal, required inadequate Internet filtering at public terminals... I'm getting sick of stupid laws by stupid politicians. Makes me want to get into real crime and open fire on congress. Don't you? *sigh*


Gotta love girls running porn sites that use LiveJournal ... check out this entry. I love the mention of nachos at the end... that just really wraps up a great sex-in-the-shower story, dontchathink?

For the curious, I didn't find this journal entry by looking for it ... somebody bought a paid account for user "summer" before they'd actually created a LiveJournal account (why they'd pay before using it is beyond me) and was then confused why she couldn't use that username. (of course, that doesn't mean I wouldn't look for such a thing... if such a query could be run.... select username from journals where site_type='eroticism' .. heh)

wrist pain.

My wrists hurt. I haven't been typing much lately or anything. Odd.

Current I'm doing physics homework that's due tonight at midnight. I wanted to have it done by last night, but I'm not getting the correct answer for a few seemingly simple problems. Annoying. Have to go read the book more.